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West Coast Friendship



Mon, 03/12/2012 - 4:56AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

Today was..... unbelievably real :')

Haha I owe it all to Pat seriously.

And I had fun celebrating Leonard's and Jun Teck's birthday today after school :)

And also talking and slacking with Mahn, and of course telling about my day to Rach.

And went out to watch The Devil Inside with Joel and Rach :)

And sighhhhh everything else.




And furthermore I found out about some stuff too :P

My friends are so caring as well :)

Goshhh I can't get ever this phase it's too good to be true.




Sun, 03/11/2012 - 10:25AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

It's like my heart got plucked out and thrown into the rain and got picked up by you.....


Good boy :)

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 8:30AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

I become happy (sometimes) when i'm able to cheer others up.

It's that little satisfaction you get knowing the other person's feeling better :)

Well, only sometimes.

I am a really selfish person I think.

And greedy.

And everything else negative you can think of.

But then I'm also good, in whatever ways you can think of.

I'll just be glad i'm myself and be done with it.



Thu, 03/08/2012 - 8:53AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

I remember being so into this blog of mine last time, haha.

School's been pretty awesome, really.

No regrets going to CJ at all :)

So glad I didn't go to NJ nor AC through band though i got in i'll just DROWN to the bottom of the sea and get caught in weird corals and bleed to death.

Haha whoops.

SO extremely glad that I still have my og mates to count on.

Even at this stage, which is usually the time where OGs disband and go their separate ways.

I mean, well, we were kinda already disintegrating, but nope, never.

I'm just grateful for rachel, joel, derek, jeremy, hmmm maybe kelvin leonard mahnoor chanapa vanessa as well.

Oh ryan too.

And then there's my class, who are a crazy bunch and i can be completely crazy and maniacal around.

I am SERIOUSLY embarrassing omg.

Laughing like nobody's business due to ben's crazy and extreme retardedness in a weird way.

My class is pretty "whole", if you know what i'm saying.

Like there aren't cliques, we all just mix.

Many scholars, but they are awesome as well.

CJ's been damn good so far.

Rockafella, Cross-country (which is tomorrow), Orientation, ALFRESCO (coming up :D) are all amazing events hehe.

I can't believe it's already been a term.

BUT other than that, academics/subjects/studies/homework wise, i'm a total fail.

I am in the phase of not bothering now.


I mean last and lastlast week I was super stressed and all, but now it's all gone.

Ah well.

And my timetable is good :) Breaks are sufficient etc etc.



And there are SOME cute guys.

HAHA grateful to Pat for wanting to help me "get closer to" my ****** hehehe.

I'm craaaazzyyy.


And i'm glad it's that way cuz I don't have to really hold back at all.

Being self-conscious about being the "cool" girl or wtv is just tiring and quite dumb.

But I still don't like being so embarrassing.


I'm serious i laugh like a million times a day.

And i'm too loud :(

All the guys are so mean to me!

Especially leonard... haha he's super master rainbow beesh.

He keeps calling me "british princess" and keeps saying "think you so what ah, british princess all". 
HAHA i guess it's quite funny cuz we laugh about it but it's still REALLY annoying.

Oh and yesterday was his birthday. OG celebrating for him and Junteck in march i think :)

Sigh i have a ton of nicknames -.- all mean ones....

for example, "princess of china/china princess", "lazy girl", "pig", "mama beesh" (oh cuz Joel, who is my "son", is master beesh), "small girl" "evil girl" "retard"......

Sigh sigh.



Anyway i'm just thankful i can act the way i do i guess, although sometimes it gets me thinking about whether i should cut back on acting that way.

Haha but ohwell.


Today was super funny. In the morning during assembly, zing was being his "cute and i know it" self, and somehow i've become his pick-up-line-tester machine. Today's one was epicly cute: "Wen yuan, do you what this material is? *flagging his shirt like he's super hot inside* Boyfriend material"

cue whole class around us bursting out in laughter.

HAHAHA my class super cute.

Anyway cross-country is tomorrow at Bedok Reservoir, and we are going out for dinner afterward!

First time going out with them, and first time not having anything with OG after an event!

Well, there WERE plans, just that we all have other plans.



Oh well hope tomorrow and the rest of the year stays awesome.

And I sure hope i'm not cursing it by recording it down here because I need a place to store my thoughts and  shit.




OG14 and my fellow potatoes <3

1T09 my blast-music-in-class, supposedly top-class-but-many-are-super-slack class <3


HEY there

Fri, 01/27/2012 - 12:54AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

Hi onsugar blog, how you doing?

I haven't been on you for so long :)

This holiday was the longest ever and I know I'd feel weird once it's over.

But it's been pretty great.

I met new people who managed to make my day everyday at work, I earned some moolahhh, I had doses of drama, I (barely though) hung out with friends, but I still did of course, and had fun.

And Chinese New Year was pretty fabulouzzz.

I (or we) spent time with Kee aun and Kee hui in KL, as well as spent time with the whole family there, and had good food.

I love chinese-y food. And I mean chinese food, not chinese as in China cuisine.


WELL as for school, I'm kinda reluctant to start.

Did I mention I never liked making decisions?

Anyway, yeah, holidays have been good to me but it's time for me to get back on the court and plaaaay.


Whoop whoop.

Sun, 11/20/2011 - 5:58AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

Really, extremely glad to have been in PE in sec 3 and 4.

Any other class and I would have been so miserable.

Sure, I've had my bad times in PE, annoyance, pissoffs etc, but they were small peanuts.


Thank you God, thanks for making such decisions for me.

I appreciate it.


I'll miss my classmates for sure, as well as the teachers.

And band, bandmates, etc.


And I definitely appreciate the PEgeons.



Lack of excitement.

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 6:25AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

Why do people act like such incorrigible fools.

They copy and paste their life.

Adapted from others, made into their own.

What a stupid way to live.


And how do i delete followers?



Sat, 07/23/2011 - 11:07PM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

Fuuuuck omg i hate this.


Why can't we just have a clean break?!

Why do i need to keep pretending this is nothing?

This is something.

And this says I HATE YOU plastered everywhere.


Why can't you leave me alone!??????????????

Why do you force me to like you?








Lights go on again.

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 2:07AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

Yes, that's me.

I love indulging in things I only get to experience/know once in a lifetime.

I immerse myself in this whole new wonderful world that only I would get.

I also enjoy the comfort and fun my family gives me.

I love deluding myself into thinking that my life is actually.. well, not bad.

But the truth is, it's not really so.

Other than that, not many people understand my life and my stories.

Nor my complex feelings, or the way i function.

I don't bother explaining either, I would say.

It could be because of judgement, and embarrassment, or shame.

But honestly I trust no one.

And no one bothers to bother about me too.

But i wonder if I'm being honest when I say I don't care.



Mon, 06/06/2011 - 9:18AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

I don't understand why people take pride in not being able to speak chinese properly.

They go around, boasting of their inability to speak their native language.........


doesn't that sound ridiculous?

That's cuz it is.


Some humans are soooo, dumb.

And it's the truth, many people (even around me) don't like being called "pro at chinese", even though chinese is like,


In fact, everyone around me are like that.

One word: lame.


I would really like to be good/fluent at chinese.

I would like to be amazing at MANY languages.

But i'm not, you see?


And when people tell me I'm good at chinese, and insist on it...

I mean, I could always take it in my stride and accept their claim, but it's not true and I know it.

Even though i really don't want to be lousy in chinese.


Oh yeah, btw, I hate people who copy my ideas too.

Ideas, mind you.

Sorry, when i read about me writing about such things, I feel really ashamed and embarrassed at my immaturity...

but I can't help it, and I prefer voicing it out than keeping it in.