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West Coast Friendship



Sat, 11/28/2009 - 2:06AM by Wennypenny 0 Comments -

Nadal in Blue?

Nadal in Turquoise?

Nadally :)

In Blue/White?


Nadal and his constant wedgies :P


Nadal in Blue?

Fed in Red?

Pictorial :) Hot.

Djoko in all Blue?

Djoko in Black?

Nadal in all White?

Djoko in White?

Nadal in Green?

Djoko in Green? (i know his hair sucks here)

(Cute teeth:D)

Nadal in Orange?

Djoko in yellow?

Nadally in Yellow?

Nadal in Purple?

Djoko in Orange?

Djoko in Red?

(AWWW. I'd bet that's verdasco :) )

Nadalzers in Red?

(Ow Nadally)

Hottie in Hot Pink.

Nadal in Pink?

Nadal in Purple?

Nadal in Gray?

Hehe dreamer Nadally.

Hehe. Cute.

He would make a good Tarzan. Haha.

Or Nadal without a shirt? :P


Djoko without a shirt? :P



Djokovic is flexible :D

Omigawd right.

Djokovic is a winner!

So is NADAL!

Cuz' Djokovic is cool and hot like that.

SO cute!

They're friendz. :)

And so are THEY. :D

Nothing warms my heart like this.

Fellow Spaniards :)


I love how Djokovic is such a joker.

Joker Djoko. ;)

Sweet ride, Nadally!

Nadal putts!

I'll buy this for ma father!

Vintage Nadal with a tint of orange.


Hunky Monkey.

He's hot isn't he???

And he can model!

Tight bod, babe.



I spent SO LONG on this.

Righttie. BYE.

And rmb, i love N & D!!!



Comment, if you're bored enough, who you like more/who's hotter/who looks better in what colour.

Although I'LL always be neutral.






omgg i went dizzy after looking through soo many photos of nadal and djoko or whatever...
You're such a fanatic! haha oh and yesss dont get tumblr like me :D we shall stay onsugar



haha. yeah i don't know how to work onsugar.


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